Sep. 27th, 2011 03:41 am
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A couple weeks back I was feeling a strong touch of cabin fever (hey, even if I'm outside it still counts. This beast can't be contained if you catch my drift! >:D) so I started looking at different ways to get around. A bit of web browsing later and I pulled up some schematics for a boat I could make out of some trash I found behind my apartment building. I spent a summer working on a boat once, I figure it'll all come back, right? Like riding a bike on top of water, only without the pedaling. Anyhow I put my friggin soul into this dang boat, and I even managed to keep it top secret until it was perfect.

Well I guess I might have made a little miscalculation cause uh, the damn thing wouldn't fit through the door. I knew I shoulda built it on the roof, but I didn't wanna get heckled into chickening out if you know what I mean. >>

So I blew out the wall with a kerosene tank and some matches and now I swear the building feels like it's swaying with the wind. I really liked this place too. One more damn reason to hate this stupid quarantine.
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I'm such a friggin idiot.

I should have known it didn't mean anything. I just wish it had. Damn it.
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Has anyone else been following this healthcare crap?? :/ They're all making such a big deal about putting the government in charge of everyone's health. Now why do you think that is, huh??

It's got to be the illuminati at work again, it HAS to be!! Our ruthless scaly alien leaders are pulling everyone right into their trap, so they can pick off the sick and needy for some kind of space-reptile feast! It's frickin ridiculous!! D:

They're never gonna get me, though. No sir, I'd rather get sick and die than be some creepy alien's lunch! :/

frickin OW

Feb. 26th, 2010 03:29 am
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I'm... I think every bone is broken.

I heard the mailman pull up outside and I thought "Chewie must be here!!" so I ran as fast as I could down the stairs.

Well... I might have run a little too fast because I fell for about 5 sets of stairs. I hardly need to say it but it sucked major donkey balls.

Oh and the mail? It was just some bills. Figures!


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